Entry #1

Being A New Member !

2014-08-07 13:41:39 by SatoshiTakeo

Hello everyone, I'm realy glad to socialize with many interseting people here on Newgrounds ! I know that this site is mainly known for it's popular growth of animations. Sadly, for myself, I'm not an animator, but I may want to pursue that type of thing as a hobby. The main reason why I made this account was to showcase my artwork to recieve postive feedback or apporiate criticism and to meet new interesting people. Anyways, bye ! 


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2014-08-07 17:30:15

Welcome to the site :). It's true that this site is mainly focused on Games and Animations, but recently the site has become known for it's music and art too, so I'm sure you will have a great time as an artist here ;). I'm not really qualified to review your art as I'm not really an artist, but I think it looks cool :). Love the cartoony style :D.

SatoshiTakeo responds:

Thank you very much for wonderful comment and I really appreciate your kindness. =D


2014-08-14 11:51:06

I hope you'll enjoy your stay here...

SatoshiTakeo responds:

Thank you so much for that !


2014-09-10 07:41:53

Ahoy, just found you through DeviantArt. Cool stuff in your gallery, here :° ...DA's too advanced for me to be able to navigate, though :v